Contempt | reviewed by: Scott Crick | February 12, 2012
entertainment value
A true classic, with Godard gleefully ripping down the barrier between the viewer and the film over and over. Plus Brigitte Bardot is hot!
genre Drama | foreign
synopsis Contempt / Le Mépris is a film about filmmaking. Godard’s Masterfully staged melodrama tells of a woman’s love for a middle-class lifestyle and how a film maker must buy it for her while at the same time working as a writer for the film ‘The Odyssey’ to be directed by Fritz Lang.
lead actors Brigitte Bardot | Michel Piccoli | Jack Palance | Giorgia Moll | Fritz Lang | Raoul Coutard | Jean-Luc Godard | Linda Veras
director Jean-Luc Godard