Annie Hall | reviewed by: Scott Crick | March 23, 2012
entertainment value
#anniehall One of the best Woody Allen films I've seen with good subversive humour and a young, quirky and attractive Diane Keaton
genre Comedy | Romance
synopsis The neurotic New Yorker Woody Allen tells one of the greatest romantic comedies to be set in the city of New York.
lead actors Woody Allen | Diane Keaton | Tony Roberts | Carol Kane | Paul Simon | Shelley Duvall | Janet Margolin | Colleen Dewhurst | Christopher Walken | Donald Symington | Helen Ludlam | Mordecai Lawner | Joan Neuman | Jonathan Munk | Dick Cavett | Marshall McLuhan | Jeff Goldblum | Shelley Hack | Beverly D'Angelo | Tracey Walter | Sigourney Weaver | Truman Capote
director Woody Allen