Spider-Man | reviewed by: Jeremy Frost | July 23, 2011
entertainment value

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genre Action | Sci-Fi
synopsis After being chomped by a genetically altered spider, shy high schooler Peter Parker is endowed with amazing superpowers. And while he first uses them to win wrestling matches, he'll eventually need them to battle a villain known as the Green Goblin. Peter's abilities allow him to win the girl of his dreams, but family tragedy and a suspicious best friend leave him emotionally drained.
lead actors Tobey Maguire | Willem Dafoe | Kirsten Dunst | Cliff Robertson | James Franco | J.K. Simmons | Joe Manganiello | Rosemary Harris | Gerry Becker | Bill Nunn | Bruce Campbell | Stanley Anderson | Ron Perkins | Michael Papajohn | K.K. Dodds | Jack Betts | Elizabeth Banks | Shan Omar Huey | Lucy Lawless | Robert Kerman | Ted Raimi | John Paxton | Randy Savage | Octavia Spencer | Jayce Bartok | Sara Ramirez
director Sam Raimi