Whisper of the Heart | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | June 7, 2012
entertainment value
A nice, romantic tale of discovery one's path in life (at a very young age). Tugs at the heart more than expected. Miyazaki strikes again.
genre Animation | Family
synopsis Shizuku lives a simple life, dominated by her love for stories and writing. One day she notices that all the library books she has have been previously checked out by the same person: 'Seiji Amasawa'. Curious as to who he is, Shizuku meets a boy her age whom she finds infuriating, but discovers to her shock that he is her 'Prince of Books'. As she grows closer to him, she realises that he merely read all those books to bring himself closer to her. The boy Seiji aspires to be a violin maker in Italy, and it is his dreams that make Shizuku realise that she has no clear path for her life. Knowing that her strength lies in writing, she tests her talents by writing a story about Baron, a cat statuette belonging to Seiji's grandfather
lead actors Youko Honna | Kazuo Takahashi | Takashi Tachibana | Shigeru Muroi | Shigeru Tsuyuguchi | Keiju Kobayashi | Yorie Yamashita | Maiko Kayama | Yoshimi Nakajima | Minami Takayama | Mayumi Iizuka | Mai Chiba | Satoru Takahashi | Akiko Sakaguchi | Hiromi Yasuda | Tatsuya Okada | Yoshihiro Imai | Naohisa Inoue | Suguru Egawa | Shirô Kishibe | Toshio Suzuki | Mitsuaki Ogawa
director Yoshifumi Kondô