Soul Food | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | August 4, 2012
entertainment value
It certainly can be a tad contrived at times but still offers up some positive notes and a couple good family lessons.
genre Drama
synopsis Traditional Sunday dinners at Mama Joe's (Irma P. Hall) turn sour when sisters Teri (Vanessa L. Williams), Bird (Nia Long) and Maxine (Vivica A. Fox) start bringing their problems to the dinner table in this ensemble comedy. When tragedy strikes, it's up to grandson Ahmad (Brandon Hammond) to pull the family together and put the soul back into the family's weekly gatherings. Michael Beach, Mekhi P
lead actors Vivica A. Fox | Nia Long | Michael Beach | Mekhi Phifer | Brandon Hammond | Jeffrey D. Sams | Gina Ravera | Irma P. Hall | Vanessa Williams