The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford | reviewed by: Scott McKay | July 23, 2011
entertainment value
genre Drama | Western
synopsis Everyone in 1880's America knows Jesse James. He's the nation's most notorious criminal, hunted by the law in 10 states. He's also the land's greatest hero, lauded as a Robin Hood by the public. Robert Ford? No one knows him. Not Yet. But the ambitious 19-year-old aims to change that. He'll befriend Jesse, ride with his gang. And if that doesn't bring Ford fame, he'll find a deadlier way.
lead actors Brad Pitt | Zooey Deschanel | Casey Affleck | Mary-Louise Parker | Sam Rockwell | Sam Shepard | Ted Levine | Brooklynn Proulx | Dustin Bollinger | Jeremy Renner | Garret Dillahunt | Paul Schneider | Joel McNichol | James Defelice
director Andrew Dominik