Doomsday Book | reviewed by: Lee Weber | December 11, 2012
entertainment value
A 3 Story Anthology with a common theme of the end of the world(s). Not all original, however, entertaining and intelligent none the less.
genre Comedy | Drama | Sci-Fi
synopsis Doomsday Book is an anthology movie, split into 3 different chapters. The first Chapter, entitled Heaven’s Creation, is about a robot who comes alive and follows what happens afterward. The second Chapter, entitled The New Generation, is a story from the point of view of a boy who is now a zombie. The third Chapter, entitled Happy Birthday, re-interprets “The Christmas Gift” by O Henry.
lead actors Ko Joon-hee | Ryoo Seung-beom | Hae-il Park | Kang-woo Kim | Doona Bae | Joon-ho Bong | Ji-hee Jin | John D. Kim | Dong-seok Ma | Song Sae-Byok
director Lim Pil-seong | Jee-woon Kim