On the Waterfront | reviewed by: Lee Weber | February 6, 2013
entertainment value
A familiar story exemplified by superb acting/cast. Brando, Saint, Malden and Cobb are all pitch perfect, and this really is a must see 101.
genre Crime | Drama
synopsis On the Waterfront is a social criticism gangster film from director Elia Kazan, about an ex-boxer, who is part of the corruption of the trade unions for the men working on the waterfront in New York. A film about mob violence that won eight Academy Awards.
lead actors Marlon Brando | Lee J. Cobb | Karl Malden | Eva Marie Saint | Rod Steiger | Pat Henning | Leif Erickson | James Westerfield | Tony Galento | Tami Mauriello | John F. Hamilton | John Heldabrand | Rudy Bond | Don Blackman | Arthur Keegan | Abe Simon
director Elia Kazan