Lawrence of Arabia | reviewed by: Joe Whip | February 24, 2013
entertainment value
Lawrence of Arabia is a true classic and a must own for any film collector. Sensational in all respects even if it is a really long film.
genre Drama | History | War
synopsis Lawrence of Arabia is the classic film from David Lean starring Peter O’Toole and based on the autobiography from Thomas Edward Lawrence who during the first World War was on assignment by the British Empire in Arabia. The film would become a cult classic and is known today as a masterpiece.
lead actors Peter O'Toole | Alec Guinness | Anthony Quinn | Jack Hawkins | Omar Sharif | Claude Rains | Anthony Quayle | José Ferrer | Arthur Kennedy | Donald Wolfit | Zia Mohyeddin | I.S. Johar | Gamil Ratib | Michel Ray | John Dimech
director David Lean