Who Framed Roger Rabbit | reviewed by: Joe Whip | March 6, 2013
entertainment value
25 years old & still as original, fun & entertaining as on day 1. My fav live action animation film. A must see & a must own 4 film fans.
genre Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Family | Fantasy | Musical
synopsis It's 1947 Hollywood, and Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins), a down-on-his-luck detective, is hired to find proof that Marvin Acme, gag factory mogul and owner of Toontown, is playing hanky-panky with femme fatale Jessica Rabbit, wife of Maroon Cartoon superstar Roger Rabbit. When Acme is found murdered, all fingers point to Roger, and the sinister, power-hungry Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd) is on a mission to bring Roger to justice. Roger begs the Toon-hating Valiant to find the real evildoer and the plot thickens as Eddie uncovers scandal after scandal and realizes the very existence of Toontown is at stake!
lead actors Bob Hoskins | Christopher Lloyd | Joanna Cassidy | Charles Fleischer | Stubby Kaye | Alan Tilvern | Richard LeParmentier | Lou Hirsch | Betsy Brantley | Mel Blanc | Mae Questel | Frank Sinatra | Richard Williams | Wayne Allwine | Frank Weller | Kathleen Turner
director Robert Zemeckis